The Social Media Application Explosion

The most recent interesting I’ve seen for a while has been a video taken 5 years ago. It was a rare interview of Steve Jobs and Bill gates together in one stage in D5 conference. The two were interviewed for more than an hour, but when the folks speaking are at their level of authority, let me tell you that it was once of those that has kept me at the edge of my seat the whole time. They talked about – especially Steve – about things that they think is the next big bet. They painted the the picture of the period we are in right now of great invention and discovery. They spoke of how things today looked very much similar to the technology landscape that existed back in the early 90s particularly in 1995. Both agreed that the revolution that has been happening with social media, cloud computing and device innovations were also all present at the time considered to be the golden age of innovation.


There was one thing that struck me the most during that span of time of the interview, it was the first time I ever heard anyone mention the word “apps” to pertain to programs. It came out of the mouth of Steve Jobs and he was the first guy I can remember ever saying that word instead of saying the regular word we all know to be “programs”. It is quite obvious how much of a visionary Mr. Jobs was. I know now why he has spearheaded so much of the technological advancements that we have in our pockets, in our home and in our hands right now.


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I am awestruck as well by how far his vision was when it came on the field of social media and how it would be in the mainstream not too far from when they were interviewed. And as we all know it has reached the point of mainstream now in 2012. They’ve talked for more than an hour about what an exciting time it is to be alive in this day and age. As this decade would certainly go down on the history books being the time when so much was put at stake by so many entrepreneurs trying to carve out each of his name into history.

In case you haven’t noticed, the explosion of social media services is still happening all around us as we speak. This boom gave birth to programs for us to manipulate the many streams available to us at any time. A program such as the social media application tones down the chaos into something more useful and malleable. It helps us contain all these social media platforms so we’d be able to turn our efforts into profits or whatever it is we want a large audience to be aware of. These applications sure differ with their features, their layouts and their reach but they were all created to do one thing; to make social media more accessible for people from the most tech savvy to the average Joe.