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Nest Thermostat Review Intelligent Temperature Controller

Nest Learning Thermostat is a product developed by Tony Fadell, who resigned from Apple to do this project. But if you consider them. Perhaps he could not get out of it when we found out that Apple really Nest Learning Thermostat available in the Apple Store.Nest Learning Thermostat controls the temperature. Which is to control the air and the heater itself. But what is different from general intelligence Thermostat Nest Learning Thermostat. I see the same video from Nest Thermostat. This device controls the temperature to suit the lifestyle of your family. Through sensors and processing equipment.Nest to learn that the temperature appropriate to the times of what you like, you wake up at 7:45 am and is the optimum temperature is 72 ° F. Equipment to the AC or heater to meet the requirements. And when you leave your home air conditioner or heater is turned off.

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You can control the temperature in your home online. Through the internet and if you have just installed the Apple iphone or ipad applications provided. It can be used to control the temperature in the house. Turn off the air conditioner and heater anywhere.Manufacturers claim that Nest can help you save energy costs of the refrigeration and heating up to 20% -50% because of the reduced temperature is 1 degree can save energy by 5%, and most of it. No one will adjust the temperature as well. The level of the air heater is turned on all the time.Selling price of this equipment is $ 249 if additional information is available on the nest.com.Note is the device that saves energy and power.

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The Nest Learning Thermostat adjusts the temperature automatically when a home owner. I changed the temperature inside the house to cool down or heat up. This will change the temperature inside the house, the temperature of the landlord. Favored by a later time.The temperature that you enjoy can be achieved by rotating the wheel to adjust the temperature. The body or to modify the temperature range of smart phones. In addition to this you can also adjust the lighting, humidity and movement of light as well.


Nest thermostat review is the temperature-controlled thermostats that will change. With a temperature controller. It was attached to the house is equipped with luxury gadgets. With a beautiful design for use by the body as a sphere (like a button to control audio) with a glass sphere at the center tell the temperature. It is touch. To use, simply turn to select the temperature, but in the Nest, the Nest is to learn the behavior of your application within 2-3 weeks, Nest will handle everything for you automatically get.In addition to the automatic temperature management. It can also be connected to a computer or mobile phone through WIFI, you can set the temperature via a computer or mobile phone. In addition, it also has a Software that will tell us to pay the electric bill. We save a few baht as well be called “genius” is not really surprising me.

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